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I love photography, and shooting together is great craic and so I'm always looking for people to collaborate with.

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I'm based in Dublin, Ireland, by the way.

Important: This is not reality.

All of the images on this site have been digitally enhanced in some way.  

For photoshoots, I use especially flattering lenses, professional lighting, make-up artists and stylists. We use interesting locations or professional studios, cool clothes and professionals for makeup and hair. The models pose in flattering ways.  We shoot hundreds of shots and then select only the very best images, discarding the rest. We then spend hours in photoshop making the models look as good as we possibly can. We remove spots and blotches and shine and we tidy hairs that are distracting, we improve the colour and apply stylistic filters to make the shots cool.

What you see here is not reality. If you are looking at these shots and thinking "I could never look like that", Yes, you can - you just need the same set of circumstances.

There is huge pressure on people these days to look unrealistically good. These shots are not real life. Be kind to yourself. You are perfect just the way you are.